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A little something extra, cause, you deserve it.

Spirit Night

Looking for a way to raise money for your organization? Milo’s is happy to give a “Little Something Extra” to help you fundraise! What better way to raise money than by doing something you already love — enjoying your favorite burgers, fries, chicken and pies with your friends and family! How does it work? Milo’s will donate a percentage of all sales (excluding sales tax) generated by your organization at the fundraiser — the more people you bring in to eat, the more money your organization can make! Spirit Nights are available at the restaurant of your choice on Monday and Tuesday nights, from 5:00 p.m. — 7:00 p.m. We request you book your event one month prior to the event.
Up to $500 in Net Sales = 10% Donation
$500+ in Net Sales = 15% Donation

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Partnership Requests

Giving Back doesn’t solely come in the form of that extra piece of meat on your burger, although it is a delicious one. To request a sponsorship, please complete the online form by clicking the link below.
While we support many causes, we understand our success has been a product or original thinking and opportunity. Originality and opportunity start with a great education.  If you're an organization focusing on childhood hunger, education or leadership let us know how we can help.

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When you lift the bun off a Milo’s original burger you’ll notice something unexpected – an extra piece of meat. We call that the LSE, “the Little Something Extra”. Since 1946, that little extra piece of meat has served as a symbol for how we see the world. Beyond serving up great food, we are here to making people’s lives a little bit better. And we do that by always giving a little something extra, in all we do.

Whether it’s our community, our neighbors or each other, we are here to serve and it is our privilege to do just that.

To best help our friends and neighbors, we developed the LSE Foundation to deliver on a simple but powerful promise: Create opportunity by supporting local educational efforts.

A Few of our Community Partners

Group discussing in class setting
Highlands College

Help support the expansion of the College, provide scholarships and endowments so students can attend Highlands College debt free.

Milos awarding check to school
Good Hope Primary

Help bring Math Manipulative's into the school to help students develop a deeper and more meaningful learning experience within the classroom.

Milos awarding check to school
Tr Simmons

Replace every classroom’s Smart Board and Projector with touch screen televisions to allow teachers to use more innovative activities to engage learning through touch-screen capabilities.

Secret Pantry

Stock secret pantries within the Jasper School System with toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner and other hygienic items underprivileged students need to build self confidence inside and outside the classroom.

West Elementary

Expand the learning experience into the lunchroom by providing funds to purchase a big screen for class presentations and faculty professional development.

Jasper High School

Help with funding for the JHS College Bound program to increase the number of students attending college by expanding their world view.

Valley Junior High

Expand the use of the library by creating an outdoor courtyard.

The Chamber Of Commerce Of Walker County

Allow all 10th grade students to participate in a job shadowing day free of charge.


Partner with the Knapsacks for Kids program to help discreetly provide a back-pack of child-friendly, nutritious food for children on the weekends and during the Holidays when unable to access the school lunch program.

United Way

Focus primarily in the areas of education to help build the next generation of leaders within the Cullman community.

Brook's Place

Help fund the prevention of child abuse in Cullman County.

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