The LSE Foundation

How we serve up opportunity for
students in our community

When you lift the bun off a Milo’s original burger you’ll notice something unexpected - an extra piece of meat. We call that the LSE, “the Little Something Extra”. Since 1946, that little extra piece of meat has served as a symbol for how we see the world. Beyond serving up great food, we are here to making people’s lives a little bit better. And we do that by always giving a little something extra, in all we do.

While we respect many, many causes, we also understand that our success has been a product of original thinking and opportunity. Originality and opportunity start with a great education.

To best help our friends and neighbors, we developed the LSE Foundation to deliver on a simple but powerful promise: Create opportunity by supporting local educational efforts.

To apply for assistance from the LSE Foundation, start by completing the form below. We select one organization a quarter for an LSE Grant, and we offer support to all registrants* by helping your group schedule a fund-raising night at our restaurants.

LSE Foundation Application

LSE Foundation Grant Recipients

  • Highlands College

    Highlands College

    At Highlands College, students are able to find their purpose through world-class academics, experience their calling through hands-on ministry training and launch their future through leadership positions around the world.

  • Mountain Brook High School

    Mountain Brook High School

    The purpose of Mountain Brook Schools is to provide an effective, challenging, and engaging education for every one of our students.

  • Homewood High School

    Homewood High School

    Homewood City Schools strives to "educate and empower each student to reach his or her unique potential," and in accordance with this mission, Homewood High School, a school truly rich with tradition, offers a challenging curriculum in a caring environment.

  • Pelham High School

    Pelham High School

    The mission of Pelham High School is to develop students who are knowledgeable, responsible, and productive members of society.

  • Cornerstone School

    Cornerstone Schools in Woodlawn

    For over 25 years, Cornerstone has provided a Christ-centered education, persistently developing both the head and the heart of thousands of children.