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Loaded Fries: Our Hot Mess Just Got Hotter & Messier


Loaded Fries

Introducing a new member to the Milo’s original family: Loaded Fries. You see, what happens when a Milo’s Burger and our original fries love each other very much….Well, you get the idea. Try the Milo’s Original Loaded Fries, or if you want a little spice, the Mexi Loaded Fries. You better bring your appetite if you’re going to finish one of these bad boys.

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  • Milo's Saucy Fries*

    Milo's classic fries topped with burger, grilled onions, Milo's Sauce & queso.

    Calories: 658

  • Spicy

    Mexi Fries*

    Milo's classic fries topped with bacon, jalapeños & queso.

    Calories: 413

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