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Close up of 2 burgers

Everybody goes to Milo's!


Mini Meals

Side view of burger

We don’t need to install a ball pit or build a jungle gym to appeal to the little ones. Our kids burgers, chicken tenders, 5-count nuggets and toasted cheese do that just fine, thank you very much. Scaled down versions of our regular menu items, every Mini Meal is just the right size for those burdened with small hands but still bringing big appetites.

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  • single tender meal

    1 crispy tender, small fry & small drink.

    Calories: 195

  • Side view of burger

    Kids Burger

    100% ground beef, pickles & ketchup on a grilled bun.

    Calories: 315

  • Toasted Cheese

    Toasted Cheese

    2 slices of American cheese between grilled buns.

    Calories: 220

  • 5 Count Nuggets

    Marinated overnight & hand-breaded in Milo's original seasoning.

    Calories: 112

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